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Welcome to my blog.

My name is Marisa de Dios and I teach English at the “Escuela Oficial de Idiomas” in Valencia. EOI Valencia

This blog is intended for my 5th year students but I am very happy that it can be useful to other students at the school or anywhere else. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, links… it will always be appreciated.


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  1. Ester Pinter Pla said

    “Night Train” is the first Martin Ami’s novel that I have read. This enfant terrible of the English Literature tries to satirize noir America in this supposed detective story written from a female point of view and I think that he gets it.
    Mike Hoolihan is the main character, a mannish and ex alcoholic American policewoman. Mike has to face her
    worst case, the apparent suicide of her mentor’s daughter, the colonel Tom. This is her worst case because Jennifer was the last person that anyone would indicate like inclined to take her own life or with reasons for doing it: professional of success, brilliant astrophysic, young, beautiful, happy, without problems of any kind.
    The novel is very shocking just for this, because there’s no motive. This one is the verification that Amis throws to the face of the reader. There is no motive. Then, it wouldn’t be able to avoid it. The appearances are worthless in this life. Hoolihan, a woman with a lot of problems, however, fights everyday and survive in the jungle of this world.
    Ester Pinter Pla 5th english EOI València

  2. 🙂

  3. Celia López said

    Hola, necesito saber el correo electrónico de Inmaculada Garín, que no lo encuentro por ningún sitio en esta página. Quizá tú lo tengas y me lo puedas facilitar a esta dirección:


  4. Santiago said

    Hi Marisa
    I send you a new web address that could come in useful for students.It is not too complicated.

  5. Teresa Alcaide Capilla said

    I go to write about my favourite film. It is “a walk to remember”. This film is about a peculiar, independent girl, who loves the theatre, and a rebellious boy. He is punished and he has to participate in the high-school play and he decides to ask the girl for help. They begin to know each other and then they fall in love. A relevant aspect in the film is the soundtrack. I feel that the film has the perfect song for each moment.
    The film has no special effects, it has no very famous actors and it has no won any awands, but in my opinion it erokes very good feelings and it has a lot of nice details.

  6. […] Posted by 08angela on October 17, 2008 Teresa Alcaide Capilla Says: October 5, 2008 at 9:41 am […]

  7. pakko said

    Hi there.It took me long time to get the username,I had to be helped by my mates, but at the end I supose i’ve got it

  8. Lilian said

    Where can I find 2009 advanced English exams ? Thank you.

  9. Hi Marisa

    Your web site is incredibly useful. I’m an English teacher in Australia and though you might find the following site on Shakespeare and questions of authorship useful and interesting. My students love it – from 12 year olds to 18 year olds.

  10. Luna said


    My name is Luna Bengoechea, I´m from The Canaries and I´m going to study English NI2 (morning time) in “EOI Valencia” this year.
    Unfortunately, I will start it a bit later, because I´m going to Valencia only on 18th of October, so I´m going to miss some classes.

    I´m trying to find the teacher´s email but I cannot find it.
    Could you please help me?

    I would like to know, Is it possible to recover this lessons? Can I do some exercises as a recovery?

    Thank you for your attention,


    Luna Bengoechea

  11. Hola Marisa,
    estoy impresionada con la labor que estás haciendo buscando y facilitando recursos complementarios a los típicos libros de texto usados habitualmente en as aulas, para aprender inglés. Me gustaría conocer tu opinión sobre English Attack!, web que están utilizando, entre otros, alumnos que se preparan para TOEIC y TOEFL y que además dispone de una plataforma para que los profesores puedan gestionar los contenidos que desean que sus alumnos preparen.
    Muchas gracias,

  12. Mike said

    Dear Mam,
    Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. I would like to suggest you an extremely useful English learning website that offers free resources for learning English online. The site also has an interactive feature for voice recording which helps in improving spoken English. I would be extremely glad if you can add this link in your website and refer this website to other students.


  13. I cannot thank you enough for the article.Really looking forward to reading more. Want more.

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