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stay hungry, stay foolish

Posted by marisadedios on June 7, 2008

Steve Jobs is a co-founder of Apple, the man behind the astonishing success of the computer animation firm Pixar – of Toy Story and Finding Nemo fame – a billionaire regarded as a visionary in the industry.Yet compared with Bill Gates he is practically unknown. His speech for the commencement address at Standford University is really one of a kind. I have chosen it to say “see you around” to you. I think the message he gives is one to really follow. I have really enjoyed teaching you this year. Keep in touch.


If you want to do the listening comprehension exercises for parts 1 and 2 click here For the exercises for part 3 click here.

What do you think? Do you like it? In my opinion it is not just what he says that is important, but also the way he delivers his speech? Can you tell me why?

How about writing the transcript? Maybe you could each write a bit. Here goes the beginning:

I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. I never graduated from college. Truth be told, this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a college graduation. Today I want to tell you three stories from my life. That’s it. No big deal. Just three stories.

You might like to translate the transcript. (Transcript key ). How about writing the Spanish subtitles for the speech? You can then compare to this version: watch the video with Spanish subtitles

As I said to you, I’ll keep updating the blog from time to time and I’ll be delighted to read your comments. You can also send your doubts to the query forum or even your writings if you want me to correct them.

BY the way, thanks for the dinner last night, I had a smashing time. You know what? My earrring finally appeared! It was in my dress!


13 Responses to “stay hungry, stay foolish”

  1. Vgr said

    Good morning! I would like to ask a doubt about question 2.

    Steve was given in adoption
    a)to college graduates
    b)to a lawyer and his wife
    c)to a couple without a degree

    I had chosen b) and the web says that the correct answer is
    c) Are you agree? I think is b) because c) it would be for their
    biological parents.

    And another thing, I don´t know how going to the part 3, because
    when I click on “Index” doesn´t work.

    Thank you very much!!

  2. eoimarisa said

    Thank you for your comment. I think I have sorted out link to the exercise on part three. If you click with your right button you can open it on a new window.

    The correct answer is C. His biological mother was a single parent and she was a student.

  3. spikeharlow said

    Hi Marisa!

    I’m Javi, from your Mon/Wed class (8-9:40). I created a blog on wordpress becuse I’m moving to the UK soon and I’d like to write kind of diary about it. 🙂 I’ll visit your blog more often.

    P.S: I know I shouldn’t be awake at this time but I can’t sleep. (Too much things, too little time)

    P.S 2: I’m going to do the exercise now, it may be a good way to get sleepy, 😉

  4. Vgr10 said

    Thank you very much!!

    I would like to correct the translation of the transcript.
    Could you mind setting up the key?

    Thanks again!!

  5. Arantxa said

    I told you to look at your clothes but it didn’t appear! That’s funny.

    I’m glad you found it!
    It was a nice night.

    Best regards!

  6. eoimarisa said

    if you want the translation key, just click on the “watch the video with Spanish subtitles” OK? Or is it the transcript key that you want?
    What do you think of the speech? Do you like it?

    Good luck for your stay in UK. HOw long are you going to be there for?I’m glad you’re going to create a wordpress blog. Send us your link,will you?

  7. Vgr10 said

    I´m Verónica instead of Virginia…jeje…It doesn´t matter…,
    I would prefer to have the transcript key, because I have already watch the video with Spanish subtitles.
    About the speech, in my opinion, it´s very interesting and good because Steve Jobs achieves to attract attention of everybody with the three touching stories. Over the course of 14 minutes he makes jokes, he is happy, sad…it´s a mixture of feelings.

  8. spikeharlow said


    I’ll be there for a long time, maybe a couple of years, but I’ll come back many times in that period.

    This is my blog:

    Btw, I found that article about marketing really interesting.

  9. Mila said

    Thank you very much for giving us the chance to know this interesting speech. I agree with you, Marisa, not only is what he says important, but the way how he says it. He transmits strength, hope and confidence. From my point of view it is a brilliant speech which would be worth including as a must for students before going to university.
    I’ve just done the listening tests with pretty good results.

  10. alimarti said

    I listened this speech last year and I like it a lot.
    I think the speech is plenty of good advice, so when I have listen again, I realized that is one of the best spech that I have ever listened. The speech learn us that the most important thing is to be corageous to face the challenges and do the things that we really want to do.

  11. eoimarisa said

    It is really good, isn’t it? I found out about it because apparently it is used in many business courses to train business people, but I think it is important for everybody to listen to this speech.
    Well done Mila, you see? your listening skills have improved! Keep it up!

  12. lolamadra said

    Thank you very much for give me the opportunity of hearing this speech. It has been very touchable. I wish never forget it.

  13. gloria said

    Listening to this speech I can guess what kind of person Steve Jobs is, believe it or not, I almost moved to tears,everything he says is true and everybody should think a bit more about life and death..troubles wouldn’t be so much difficult to solve.

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