Marisa’s advanced English class

Hope there’s someone

Posted by marisadedios on March 12, 2008

The video I embedded originally has been removed, so here goes a different video!

I love this song. What do you think about its meaning? I have also attached the exercise we have done in class.




8 Responses to “Hope there’s someone”

  1. ayusga said

    It’s been a long time since my last lesson, but when I’ve clicked on this page and I’ve found this great song I wonder what kind of exercice have you done these days in class! It’s a great song performed by Antony and the Johnsons. Perhaps this video doesn’t match with the original meaning of the song, but it’s nice too, and makes you think about lots of thinks. I recommend you to listen to this group and to feel the power of the lyrics.

  2. marisa said

    Thanks. It is true that the video doesn’t really match the meaning of the song. In fact I wanted something different but this is the best one I found. Do you have any other information about the song?
    If you want to see the exercise that we have done with the song,just click on the hope-there’s-someone doc above

  3. Paco said

    I knew I have hear this song recently and I have found the answer:

  4. vgr10 said

    This song has a big message behind the lyric. For me, this activity has been very interesting because I need more listenings to improve them.

  5. javierq said

    It`s an amazing song. Nice music, deep lyric and perfomed by the singer in a fantastic way..If you like, you can enjoy him in concert here:

  6. Juan Mir said

    This song is included in the movie: The secret life of words, directed by Isabel Coixent, It is a hard story…

  7. Juan Mir said


  8. veparsan said

    It’s a beautiful song but at the same time it’s a bit sad, maybe because speaking about death it’s a tabu in our society and we relate it with sadness.

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