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Ms Aguirre in English

Posted by marisadedios on February 29, 2008

Last Wednesday Ms Aguirre gave a speech in English. Good as her English is, there’s always room for improvement. Can you find the mistakes she makes?


key:  as you have already pointed out she says “he’s going to won” instead of “he’s going to win”
More mistakes:
Why Mr Zapatero has decided not to go to any political concentration?” should be “why has Mr Zapatero decided not to…”
Because he doesn’t know what is a bonobus” should be “he doesn’t know what a bonobus is”
he confuse the abono transporte” should be “confuses” 
Because never rides in the public transport” should be “Because he never uses/goes on/travels by/commutes by public transport” 

6 Responses to “Ms Aguirre in English”

  1. gloria said

    I think she has said: “He is going to won…

  2. Lorenapeiro said

    Listening part1 I understood the same as Gloria. At the beginnig she says “Mr Rajoy is going to win…” but later she says “He is going to won…”.

  3. vgr10 said

    Ms Aguirre has said: “He is going to won this one”

  4. Santiago said

    In my opinion, these are her mistakes:

    It’s very clear that Mr.Rajoy is going to win (will win) the debate..Yeah…I’m very sure. I think he won the last one and he is going to win(will win) this one……But you know the opinion pose (public opinion?) that…Why Mr. Zapatero has (Mr. Zapatero) decided not to go to any political concentraction in the morning? Because he has to study. Do you know why he has to study? Becuse he dosn’t know what is a bonobus. He confuse (confuses) the (a) “bono transportes” with the (a) “bonobús” because never ride in (he has never ridden on) the (-) public transport, and very sorry to them.

  5. Santiago said

    I think it should be more suitable for using the verb “to gain” than “to win” the debate

  6. juan mir said

    She says: “He is going to won…”=he is going to win, and “never ride”=never rides

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