Marisa’s advanced English class

who wants to be a millionaire?

Posted by marisadedios on February 22, 2008

To conclude the unit related to money…. click here to play the game.


7 Responses to “who wants to be a millionaire?”

  1. ayusga said

    Damm it! I’ve lost my good luck at the 11th question! Ha, ha, ha! It’s a funny game, although I have answer some questions by trying the first name I’ve read (for example, Joe Montana, who I don’t know who the hell he is!), it’s cool!

  2. eoimarisa said

    Well, you did better than me! I got stuck in question 9!

  3. veparsan said

    Very entertaining!!!!I’ve been nearly an hour answering questions and I haven’t past from the question number eight. I’m going to try it again…I’m hooked to this game.

  4. santiago said

    Only seven answers! I will never be a wealthy person…..

  5. saramira said

    uf!! I’m losing again and again….the same when I watched it in Spanish…so, unfortunately, is not the language

  6. Juan Mir said

    I have played as Nancy Neff, she is very good at this game! I have failed at question 8…

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