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Watch Video:What would you swap hitting the jackpot for?

Posted by marisadedios on February 2, 2008

lottery winner

Next week we’ll be dicussing this topic. I’d like you to Watch this video and read about lottery winner Stephen Smith. He hit the jackpot last week but he said he would swap his windfall for his health. His sober reflection prompts us to revisit the age-old question: “Can money buy happiness?” In Smith’s case he would take a long, healthy but poor life over a short life with wealth beyond his wildest dreams “in a second”.A famous 1978 paper by Brickman, Coates and Janoff-Bulman found lottery winners reverted to their previous level of happiness within a year of winning their windfall.
Viv Nicholson is probably the UK’s most famous pools winner having gone from rags to riches and back again. She hit the jackpot in 1961, winning the then astronomical sum of £152,000 and promptly promised to “spend, spend, spend”. She did as she promised and was declared bankrupt within four years. By her own admission, she could not handle her newfound wealth and the way people treated her differently.But Nicholson was just one of many. A US website lists a number of sorry tales where winning the lottery certainly did not buy happiness.In class next week I would like to hear what you think – is money, health or happiness most important to you? Are they interlinked? What would you swap a cash windfall for?

2 Responses to “Watch Video:What would you swap hitting the jackpot for?”

  1. sandracast said

    That´s an interesting question. I would say that for me happiness is to do the things that you like .You have to enjoy your work and in your private life.In my opinion Mr Smith is a rich man and a poor man at the same time because he hasn´t the freedom to do whatever he wants when he wants.Of course money will help him to cover all his needs in his heart illness which is very important but money isn´t the most important thing in the wordl if he can´t enjoy the life. This new shows that life is not perfect and you can´t have everything

  2. vgr10 said

    For the question: Can money buy happiness?, I have very clear that my answer is “no, it can´t”.
    In my opinion, the most important thing in the live is having health and family for sharing your time. Although is very important too being happy and enjoy everyday, I want to say money is only a handy way for having more luxuries. This account is very sad but show us, life is not always easy and then money don´t help you enough and don´t give you more days for living.

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