Marisa’s advanced English class

let’s play this word game and help end the world hunger

Posted by marisadedios on February 2, 2008

For every word we guess right they donate 20 grains of rice through the United Nations to help end the world hunger.

Let’s play!


13 Responses to “let’s play this word game and help end the world hunger”

  1. gloria said

    Very interesting play, I have donated 700 grains of rice, do you think this types of webs are serious?

  2. Juan Mir said

    Well, it is supposed to be serious. I´ve donated 360 grains…And I´ve learned the meaning of “belch”, jeje

  3. Lorenapeiro said

    A useful way to learn new vocabulary. I’ve donated 760 grains of rice!

  4. arantxalcocer said

    I’ve donated 560 grais of rice! very usedul play!

  5. arantxalcocer said

    I’ve donated 560 grais of rice! very useful play!

  6. Amparo said

    620 grains of rice more for Bangladesh people and some new words to learn.Very funny!

  7. beatriz said

    I have donated 580 grains.I think is a god way to learn vocabulary.

  8. gloria sanchis said

    I have donated 740 grains. It’s an useful and fun way to learn some new words.

  9. alimarti said

    I have donated 320 but I have to look up the dictionary… Some words are very similar to Spanish but others are very difficult.

  10. ayusga said

    I’ve donated 1800, but I’ve gess some words luckily!. There’re loads of false friends!…Does anyone knows if this kind of websites works?

  11. lolamadra said

    It’s supposed that I’ve donated 4240, although I’ve guessed most of them. Does this quizz go by time? Finally, I’ve closed it due to I was tired.

  12. Franxapa said

    540 and increasing! I’ve finishet ’cause I had to go to class, but I was in a good way. My best level: 40

  13. vgr10 said

    I´ve enjoyed so much with this play, and at the same time I´ve learn new vocabulary!
    It´s a good idea!!

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