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two-part expressions, write a paragraph

Posted by marisadedios on January 28, 2008

How about writing a short paragraph about a topic of your choice trying to introduce as many two-part expressions as possible?

Peter still had some bits and pieces to do at work but he was sick and tired of working overtime. He knew this was part and parcel of his new position in the company but he wasn’t ready to miss that wine and dine at his favourite restaurant in town. So he switched his computer off and went home. There was Mary, ready and waiting, “Good Evening, darling”, she said.


10 Responses to “two-part expressions, write a paragraph”

  1. Santiago said

    I have listened an appalled story this morning on the radio. A twenty-year-old girl is sending to prison after the court found her guilty of a load of thefts along her short life.
    She has told details of her own life and here you are some of them.
    When she was a child, her father time and again got home drunk at night, and hit her strongly. His father’s closest friend raped her at twelve.
    Her mother was ranting and raving all the time, and left the child high and dry, so when she turned fourteen ran away from home.
    She joined a gang of girls and became a pickpocket, falling into drugs.
    Nowadays, she has a baby who has been taken in custody for the government, her mother died some years ago and she met her regretful father on and off.

    Quite appalling! Sometimes children are left to sink or swim and it shouldn’t be like that at all, should it?

  2. gloria said

    My grandmother is a very good-humoured person, in spite of her age (she`s ninety-six), she`s “alive and kicking”. After being in the hospital a few days for her high blood pressure, now she`s up and about living in my mother`s home. She gets up bright and early but she doesn`t like “water” at all, so my mother is always reminding her day by day to wash herself, and grandma answers: I`m sick and tired of hearing you!!, she`s authentic!
    When she was young after civil war, she had to earn her bread and butter swaping things with the neibourhood, home-made soap for potatoes and so on, but in the course of her life she has had ups and downs and when good times arrive she had the opportunity to travel far and wide.

    I suppose it must be good fun to see all the ranting and raving when shower time comes!

  3. María Dolores said

    Here is the story of a girl born and bred in a fishing town.Her had to sell her because they had no means of living.She had to get up bright and early in order to be at auntie’s beck and call.Her life was not free and easy at the house.She was sent to run errands far and wide,meanwhile she had to live and learn so as to deceive her.She led a quite harshfull life. In one of her excursions she got in touch with her sister now and again to chat for a while. When she returned she would tell a lie and her aunt would believe it hook,line and sinker.She was sick and tired of her partner,so she came with the idea of running away. Her plan was cut and dried, she would go up the roof , but unfortunatelly she fell down and broke an arm.Her aunty caught sight of her right away, but she persisted on going away and the next time she tried,she would be home and dry.

  4. alimarti said

    My brother told me chapter and verse about a history that happens when we were children. We got up bright and early and start playing with our sister’s pencil case. My sister, sicked and tired of our plays and she waited and saw.Actually, this situations were thicked and fasted.
    We run and threw round and round the pencil case. My mother who was taking a shower told us: “Stop rating and raving and see to the walls!”. We stopped inmediately and we saw that all the walls were plenty of India ink stain. The walls were rack and ruin. No ifs and buts, we had a hard punishment.

    Nice anecdote

  5. fernandobustamante said

    I remember the day I got lost in a roundabout. First and foremost, and this is not ifs ands buts, I have to say that it was snowing and I was driving on and on since many hours before. That day we started to drive bright and early with our chapter and verse planed trip so I was sick and tired of driving when we arrived to the famous roundabout. The bad weather, the snow, and my tiredness didn’t let me see the right direction so I was going round and round driving in and out the roundabout searching far and wide the right exit. After have been trying it for a while and starting to feel seasick we decided to wait and see for someone who could help us to arrive safe and sound to our destination. We did.
    So you had been driving for many hours, had you?

  6. Amparo said

    Tom got up bright and early yesterday because he needed to sort out some bits and pieces in the hustle and bustle centre. He was sick and tired of living in that city where he was born and bred. He needed some peace and quiet because his life wasn’t free and easy, by and large. But he had a cut and dried plan to change his life once and for all.

    Life in big cities is all hustle and bustle, isnt’t it?

  7. gloria sanchis said

    After the accident took placed Katie’s family thought that she was in a critical situation because the nurse told them that she was touch and go. When the doctor checked her he gave the family chapter and verse about how she was. He said that now and again these kinds of injuries meant ups and downs so they had to wait and see. He said that first and foremost, they had to put body and soul into her recovery. A few weeks later Katie opened her eyes bright and early so the family turned to the hospital in leaps and bounds to see her. A month later she was alive and kicking at home and her family had some piece and quite.

    Peace and quiet indeed when everybody is healthy!

  8. Lorenapeiro said

    I’m looking forward to having a holiday this year! I would like to travel, but I’ll have to wait and see. It’s touch and go whether I will, because I’m not sure if I can get the time off work. I put body and soul into my job but at the moment I’m sick and tired of being so busy and having to get up so bright and early! There are some odds and ends I have to deal with every day and I have to go on and on to finish all my work. Living alone in Valencia is all hustle and bustle. But no ifs and buts, I’ll manage to have some days out, my decision is cut and dried!
    Yes. It’s a good idea to stop working on and on!

  9. lolamadra said

    Today, Saturday, I’ve woken up bright and early to prepare sandwiches for my family.We’ve gone with “The hiker club of children’ school” to the MURTA in Alzira. The other parents have been born and bread with us. It seemed as if everybody was alive and kicking. Children also were trekking for 2 hours on and on to go to the peak. There, we could see Cullera and the sea. We were home and dry.By and large, It has been a free and easy experience.

  10. vgr10 said

    Fortunately, we arrived safe and sound after walking about six hours; although at the end, we were sick and tired. It looked like a piece of cake to climb the small mountain because time and again we used to do, but this day, we play it by ear and it was a catastrophic idea. Since this adventure we are like peas and carrots.

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