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two-part expressions:alive and kicking

Posted by marisadedios on January 18, 2008

In unit 4.3 we have studied binomials, two-word expressions, Can you add one?

to be alive and kicking: to continue to live or exist and be full of energy.
Peter was alive and kicking the other day, happy to be fully recovered from his illness.

29 Responses to “two-part expressions:alive and kicking”

  1. eoinglesm said

    Fortunately they arrived safe and sound after such a terrible crash.

  2. almudenatarin said

    HUSTLE AND BUSTLE: a lot of noise and activity.
    I love the hustle and bustle of city life. I’d get bored in the countryside.

  3. latares said

    SHOW-AND-TELL: school activity in which a child brings an object into the class and tells to the rest of children about it.
    For her “show-and-tell”, Lisa brought her violin.

  4. Javier said

    PIECE OF CAKE: something which is very easy to do

    The test will be a piece of cake

  5. Javier said

    Javier is the surname for Santiago

  6. ayusga said

    SICK AND TIRED: If you are SICK AND TIRED of something, you’ve had enough and it’s annoying u.

    Peter was SICK AND TIRED of her behaviour and he left her before the wedding.

  7. veparsan said

    CUT AND THRUST: Expression used to show alternation between the hardness and the softness in a confrontation.

    Exemple: There was a long cut and thrust before the signing of the Kyoto Protocol.

  8. fernandobustamante said

    GIVE AND TAKE: In a relationship; to accept what somebody else wants and to give up some of what you want

    EXemple: “You’re going to have to learn to give and take”.

  9. fernandobustamante said

    SINK OR SWIM: to be in a situation where you will either succeed by your own efforts or fail completely

    “The new students were just left to SINK OR SWIM”

  10. gloria said

    TIME AND AGAIN (very often)
    “Time and again I have to remind my son to study”

  11. Mila said

    FIRST AND FOREMOST: More than anything else.

    “In order to be successful a film has to be, fisrt and foremost, a good story.”

  12. PLAY IT BY EAR: Improvise as one goes along

    Exemple: Have rehearsed your speech for the class? I haven’t but I´ll play it by ear.

  13. javierq said

    NIP AND TUCK:It´s said when in a game neither of the players has a distinct advantage, or about whichever level situation without winners or losers.
    Exemple:´It was nip and tuck throughout the match`.

  14. acv8681 said

    HIGH AND DRY: It’s said when someone is in a difficult situation without help or resources.

    Example: When Paul leave her, Sue and the two children were high and dry

  15. saramira said

    I have been reading in English on and off during the last months

  16. franxapa said

    What about “happy-go-lucky”? it means a person who doesn’t cares for anything

  17. arantxalcocer said

    PART AND PARCEL: It’s said when something is an essential and unavoidable part, a necessary part. Something that cannot be separated from a condition or activity.

  18. pa4pa4 said

    BRIGHT AND EARLY: Its means to get up early

    We got up bright and early to make the most of our weekend.

  19. lauraeced said

    SAFE AND SOUND: alive, without any injury

    Fortunatelly we arrived at home safe and sound after that terrible storm.

  20. lorenapeiro said

    BITS AND PIECES: You can use this expression to refer to a collection of different things (informal).

    I need to sort out some bits and pieces in the office.

  21. Amparo said

    PICK AND CHOOSE: demanding, strict.

    She was always picking and choosing in that restaurant as if she were the most important person in the world.

  22. sandracast said

    ONCE AND FOR ALL:To deal with something completely and finally.

    We really need to finish this report once and for all

  23. juamirma said

    TO AND FRO=To go from here to there

    I usually run to and fro all day at work.

  24. juamirma said

    ODDS AND ENDS=things not worth

    Please, don´t disturb me; we can do the odds and ends later

  25. Madramany said

    It seems as if the video has been recorded in a pub. In the background, we can see young people which are laughing of the singer (an elderly man who is so funny).
    Once, I went to a karaoke a few years ago. It was after a dinner with my workmates.It reminded me the feelings that go through your head before singing. You have to overcome all your fears in order to encourage yourself to sing in public. Special mention about if in that precise moment you will be able to do the correct voice and rithm of the selected song.It was a good experience.
    On the other hand, I enjoyed a lot watching how the others tried to sing envolved with ridiculous actions.

  26. raulgj said


    to be like peas and carrots. wery close friends always together.

  27. vgr10 said

    PRIM AND PROPER: formal, right.

    She is very prim and proper everytime, but when she is in the job is so polite then I´m fascinated.

  28. María Serrano said


    When I finish tonight work I want to have some pease and quiet.

  29. Fran said

    up and running – to be on / working properly

    The computer is up and running
    I’ve just got my website up and running

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