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In my free time

Posted by marisadedios on January 13, 2008

I would like you to watch this video and comment on it. Make a guess:where did I record this video?

Share your opinion about karaoke. Have you ever been to a karaoke? Tell us about it.


17 Responses to “In my free time”

  1. latares said

    I have been in a karaoke twice. Once I even dared to go up to the stage and sing (along with seven of my cousins) one old song by “La Frontera”. But I only did so because we were in Seville, where I was pretty sure that nobody would recognise me.
    Last Christmas my dad got a karaoke set from my siblings and me. He is a rather silent man, but he loves singing! Some years ago we had a “karaoke party” at my aunt´s and it was hard to get the mike away from him, so that the others could sing too!

    I can imagine that it was good fun to go on stage with your cousins. I also have friends who are very quiet but when it comes to singing they just can’t stop!

  2. ayusga said

    I’ve never been in a karaoe before l went to a party with some close friends. I’m not used to sing in front to an audience, and I’m very shy, so it wasn’t my cup of tea. But after that night, I have to reckon that it’s very funny and you laugh a lot. Specially if the song has a dancing to share with the others! And there’s an interesting point: old the Spanish songs of MECANO, LA UNIÓN, LA DAMA SE ESCONDE, etc… (those groups of our early childhood) were sung with such an special feeling! Imagine two boys closing their eyes and giving us their best performance… It’s like a catharsis! Ha, ha ,ha. I wasn’t sure to participate, but I enjoy myself a lot (having drink a couple of beers helps to leave away your shyness!) So I have to confess it: I finished on the sofa, with a microphone, and singing LA BOLA DE CRISTAL with my best “drunk” voice… So you, boys and girls who are reading this, follow my advice: spend a night on a karaoke. It dosen’t matter if you don’t know the lyrics. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a Baryshnikov. Just enjoy yourself and share your lack of talent to everyone, and you’ll be the king/queen of the party!

    I can see that you really enjoyed your first Karaoke experience. Are you used to singing in public now?

  3. gloria said

    Why don’t they tell him to stop singing?, it’s really awful, he probably has had to much to drink…, but the worse of karaokes is when a group of three or four people are singing in the wrong tune.
    Personally I prefer going in a quiet place with some friends and have a relaxed time listening to soft music. I don’t really like karaokes because they are very noisy and it`s a punishment for my ears!

    Yes, I can understand that you prefer to go to places where you can chat with your friends. Which is your favourite place in Valencia?

  4. veparsan said

    According to the first question maybe you have record this video from a kind of karaoke-pub, but I’m not sure if it’s in Spain or in U.K. I have never been to a karaoke but I would like to participate in such a funny thing. The question is whether I would be capable to stand up and sing in front of a lot of people, maybe the answer is a big NOOO!!!. I’m very shy for those things, on the one hand I would like to participate but, on the other hand probably I would be covered by the stage panic. Possibly I’d have to be a bit drunk to do that, but I’m speaking hypothetically because I’m not sure about what I would react.

  5. veparsan said

    sorry: there is a mistake!!! I want to say how I would react in the last line.

  6. guadamar said

    Sorry, but i didn’t explain myself completly…..maybe karaoke, can be an experience so enyojable as “painful” at the same time. It only depends on what you are, a singer or a listener. This is the reason for which I told you I had enjoyed so much when I did karaoke many years ago,maybe, people who listened to me in that opportunity can’t say the same thing. And of course this old man of the video seems to be enjoying as much as we suffer listenning to him. So , karaoke it’s just for fun and individual pleasure. Isn’t it?

    Yes, sometimes people who sing at karaokes are not excellent singers, are they?. Do you think this man went to the karaoke just to have fun?

  7. pa4pa4 said

    As far as I’m concerned, Karaoke is a fun activity to do in your free time.
    I have been at a Karaoke several times. When I was younger I used to go to the same pub on Friday afternoons because it had a Karaoke and my friends and I preferred karaoke to discos.
    When we turned up at the pub we lost our shyness. We could sing and dance simultaneously. We were well-known there because when we arrived at the pub we took the microphone and we didn’t pass it to other people until we left the pub. I remember laughing a lot and meeting new people too because sometimes people that you hadn’t seen before asked to sing with you and, of course, you accepted.
    If you go to a Karaoke the most important thing is to have a good time. You don’t mind if you can sing well or badly. I didn’t know much about singing I only let myself went with the flow.

  8. juamirma said

    I ask myself how people can have fun with karaoke. I hate it, although if I had had a beautiful voice, I´d like to become a sing star. I don´t know why, but a lot of people who goes to karaoke (called them “karaokers”) are very odd. Last week, while me and a friends of mine were having dinner at Paiporta, on Mar y Manu´s house (a very kindly couple, certainly), we run out of tobacco. We took a car, and went to look for a bar in which they´d sold tobacco, and we found one which was a karaoke pub. The waiter was singing, dressing out of fashion clothes. She was a frizzy red-hair woman about sity years-old. She looked esctasied while singing her song. But you´ve had to see the customers, they were the best, claping at her without stop.
    I´ve never had gone to a karaoke pub except this time. I think that I´d felt like Cameron Diaz featuring “I just don´t know what to do with myself” in the movie “My best friend´s wedding”. Have you see it? It´s fabulous!
    Definitely, I respect “karaokers”, but in my opinion, they´re a bit freaks. Amusing, maybe, but freaks.

  9. lorenapeiro said

    I think this video could have been recorded at an English karaoke-pub. The poor old man singing on the video is not a very good singer at all! It seems he doesn’t know the lyrics very well, but maybe he is having a good time.
    I’ve been to a karaoke twice and I found it really funny! My first karaoke-experience was many years ago, in an English karaoke-pub in Grantham (England), where nobody knew me. I was spending a month there with other Spanish students and one night we decided to go to a karaoke-pub just for fun. I sang “Stand by me” with a friend and I think it sounded awful, but we had a really good time that night and laugh a lot! But my second experience was in Valencia some months ago and it wasn’t as funny as the one before because I’m very shy and there were many known people at the pub! Nevertheless, I managed to enjoy it a lot with my friends.

  10. ayusga said

    No, I’m not used to sing in front of an audience! Perhaps if I have a partenaire I could leave all my worries away! Ha, ha, ha!

  11. Amparo said

    Going to karaoke is an interesting option to have a good time with your friends. You do not have to be a professional to become the star of the local. What you need is to have a good sense of humour, try not to be a bundle of nerves and do not forget that not only do you have to interpret the song, but also the artist.

    Rarely have I gone to karaoke, only three times in my life but I have good memories of that. What surprised me was the different kind of people I met there and what can do a person when is drunk…. Anyway, in a karaoke everybody can become a sing star for a short moment and I think people must go once in their life, at least. It is very funny!!!

  12. alimarti said

    I sang in a karaoke two years ago. I thought it would be easy to sing a song that I knew perfectly, but I was wrong.Not only do you have to follow the lyrics, but also you have to give the correct intonation. Anyway, I spent a good time but I can`t stand people who think that they are in a real stage.

    Also, nowadays there is an option to the conventional karaoke. The Sing Start allow you to enjoy with your friends in your own house.I think that this option is better because you can make different groups and spend a funny time. Moreover,you can win if you learn some tricks and techniques you only have to practise!!!

  13. vgr10 said

    In my opinion, this video was recorded in an English pub. I think the old man is so drunk that he can neither follow the music nor the lyric, but the rest of the people is happy looking him.

    I´ve been in a karaoke twice. The first time was in 1998 in Zaragoza, with some friends, their boyfriends,… and we were so shy that we didn´t sing. The other occasion was in Teruel two years ago, after a Christmas dinner with some close friends (we were only girls) and it was very funny because we only had two microphones, and we did two groups. Precisely, in my group there was a girl who couldn´t follow the rythm and it was impossible to sign in the right way. But the best thing was that we were all together and smiled so much.

  14. Mila said

    I have a feeling that it was abroad where you recorded this video,.. maybe in London?. Not only does the man sing very badly but he seems to be comfortable with the microphone.
    I’ve never been in a Karaoke although I’d like going one day. I think it might be funny. However, I don’t know if I’d dare to sing alone, perhaps singing in group would be easier for me. Anyway, I’m so bad at singing that I avoid it even when I have a shower.
    I think that the first thing to do is to lose all sense of shame, then take a microphone and finally start singing, it doesn’t matter who’s listening to you. Take a look at the man in the video and try to sing better than him, you’ll see that it’s not difficult.

  15. lauraeced said

    It´s difficult for me guess were the video was recorded but perhaps … when you were abroad, perhaps after a wedding in a pub …

    I´ve been in a karaoke now and again but now it´s a long time since I´ve been showing my abilities with the microphone. Well in fact I think I´m horrible at singing but I like it and I don´t mind make people laugh at and of course I also think it´s a good exercise to get rid of the sense of shame. When I have been in a karaoke I usually did it in group, it´s less embarrassing.

    In a karaoke you can find different “species” :
    – a group of drunk men OOOOhh,OOOOHHHH OOOOOHHHHH
    – a tiny pretty girl shameful who sings like angels
    – the one shameless who sings so-so and is hooked on the microphone
    – a group of girls that always sing in group or couple but never alone
    – someone like the old man in the video who is a terrible singer but doesn´t realize

    Who are you?

  16. Ana said

    Some years ago there was a pub in my town where the owners organised karaokes every Thursday and it was always crowded. Most of my friends used to sing, but I never dared. Only the thought of going up a stage and singing in front of people get me nervous. I sing dreadfully and I don’t like making a fool of myself, so no way am I going to sing in public! But I wouldn’t mind going to a karaoke. I think it can be good fun

  17. It goes without saying that karaoke is a useful thing to have a good time among friends and also it gives everyone the chance to try out their voice with a microphone in their hands with background music.
    As for me, I always was reluctant to sing because of my shyness and I’ve never sung a single song except while having a shower. The funny thing is that the first time I did it was in Manila City when I went into a bar to have a drink. While I was drinking my beer I saw how the people sang one after the other and when the list of songs to choose from got to me, a guy told me “sing” and everybody looked at me expecting me to sing. I had no choice and I ended up singing a Frank Sinatra’s song. Even though everybody looked at me and my wife almost laughing to death, I can say that was a thing that I’ll ever remember and I should have e done before.

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